I did not care here neither of beauty of a syllable, nor of splendor and sonority of words, of any external jewelry and inventions … because I wished that my work remained in obscurity or gained recognition only for singularity and importance of a subject.


Niccolo Machiavelli


I wrote this work to consider on historical and modern examples essence and tasks of the Supreme power.


No matter, who heads it: monarch, president, chancellor, prime minister, gray cardinal... The main thing that is the person who is actually leading the state ( Further for simplicity he is called as the president or the ruler.). A main purpose of my book is to show that his work, actions and decisions in domestic and foreign policy have a quite concrete logic.



In attempt of comprehension of this logic, I addressed to the well-known work "The Prince" of Nicolo Machiavelli who brought up the same questions 500 years ago.



As well as in "The Prince", I consider various countries and rulers, their actions and consequences of these actions to reveal the general, not time-dependent and places of a condition which push the Supreme power to those or another other steps. Moralizing reasonings are for this purpose obviously insufficient.



Approaches of the great pragmatist Machiavelli are used to consider working conditions of the president, how there are relations of the government and society. To find the general operating conditions of the Supreme power at which violation work of the ruler becomes inefficient.



We live in three times – past, present and future. However, least of all – in the future. This book will give opportunity, expecting political weather, to find the best way to the future among verbal fog and imperious demagogy.




One more thing: inserts are added to the book. In one cases inserts confirm idea that is introduced in the main text, in others – disprove. You can decide for yourself what is more exact – confirmation or a disproval.